Renga Structure

Architectural and construction BIM system

The program for architectural 3D - design, available to everyone. The license from 90 $


Possibilities of Renga Structure

Automated Reinforcement

To provide development of reinforced concrete structures in 3D, Renga Structure has implemented highly efficient reinforcing tools. Automated Reinforcement tool significantly speeds up rebar distribution in cast reinforced concrete elements and generates reinforced concrete drawings without much effort. Apart from reinforcement of objects, Renga product has got features for automatic steel reinforcement of holes and openings in floors and walls. Plus reinforcement is snapped to the hole/opening and moves with it

Steel Structures Design

Using Renga Structure features and functionality, user can perform steel structures design of buildings and facilities of any complexity level. Assembly tool allows to create trusses suitable for shipment, columns, etc. and apply them when design building or facility structural schemes. Easy-to-use 3D snaps and 3D measure mode will noticeably enhance the accuracy and speed up the process of placing structural elements. Profile editor will save the trouble of looking for not typical cross sections of structural objects at the Internet resources. You can create any steel structure profiles within minutes and use them in your projects.

Better Communication with Other Project Members

Collective work in Renga Structure allows structural engineer to share project information and coordinate planning with all project members. Working alongside with an architect, engineer receives 3D model from him. Then refines it, authoring structural concept in Renga Structure, and approves the changes of structural elements using RPN format. In case the project doesn't include architectural model, structural engineer can create building model in Renga Structure himself and transfer it via RNP format to cross discipline specialists. If the building is being designed in different BIM and CAD systems, the data can be easily transferred using IFC, C3D, DWG/DXF and other formats.

Automated Scheduling.

Creating and maintaining accurate schedules can be complex, error-prone, and time-consuming. However, Renga Structure automates this task by linking the schedule to the original Renga Structure designs. When creating structural 3D model, engineer assigns given model with digital and user data (material, volume, quantity, name of structural elements etc.). Basing on this data, Renga Structure automatically generates schedules, that user can insert in the drawing or share with other project members .

Receive Drawings Quickly.

Renga Structure implements an option for automatic drawing receiving: structural element layouts, trusses suitable for shipment, connection nodes and many more. Structural engineer only needs to add views of the building 3D model and generate the drawing using the Drawing Editor tools. Useful settings for display style of views provide construction documents with different level of detail. Drawings are associated with 3D building model, and if user modifies the model, geometry of drawings updates instantly

Re-use 2D in 3D to the Maximum

Renga Software allows to recreate and import your existing 2D DWG drawings in 3D, so you can re-use drawings of typical joints and other structural elements created in 2D CAD products. If you place DWG drawings in 3D scene, you can utilize them as underlay when create building information model

Quick Design Adjustments. 3D Model and Drawings Relationship.

In case of unexpected adjustments, Renga Software provides quick and easy modifications to already finished design documentation. Information model is associative to drawings and schedules. Therefore, modifications in 3D model provide quick adjustment of construction documents, plus all plans, layouts, joints, sections schedules etc. will change automatically. As can be seen from the above, Renga Structure is an efficient tool with a lot of benefits for structural engineers, who have a greater chance for success.

Preconstruction Project Visualization

BIM provides better coordination of modeling process, detecting any internal and external clashes before construction begins. By avoiding clashes structural engineer reduces costs and amount of rework needed on any given job.

3D Design Instead of 2D Drafting

Object-oriented design tool implemented in Renga Structure allows to get geometric parameters and digital data from all model elements. Using Style Editor structural engineer can assign any type of modification to all objects. For example, if he needs to use beams and columns with not typical cross sections at the building structural scheme, he can utilize Profile Editor. This tool creates profiles for columns and beams of any complexity and configuration. Automatic schedule and drawing generation from 3D model allows to get project documentation within minutes./p>

Preparing Data for Analysis Software.

Given the fact that 3D model has been already created in Renga Structure, structural engineer doesn't have to create it in analysis software all over again. All he needs to do is to export the model to the IFC format and transfer it to any optional structural analysis software tool (for example LIRA-SAPR, SCAD Office etc.). After converting into finite-element building model and refinement of fillet and nodes, structural analysis software checks structural parts for load capacity and serviceability .

Create Documents to Match Russian and International Standards.

Renga Structure automatically generates all documents according to the standards of Russian System of design documents for construction (SPDS) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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