Renga is multidisciplinary BIM software featuring advanced tools for integrated design, intuitive interface and reasonable price. Helps to optimize project results by creating all the required design documentation, including drawings, schedules and cost estimates.Created information models are perfect for use at all phases of a building life cycle.


Intuitive interface and powerful functionality provide accurate and convenient building information modeling

BIM model created in Renga accurately captures the architectural vision of a facility and makes it equally understandable for structural engineers, designers and clients

Renga BIM model is an incredible time saver: use it when creating drawings, generating cost estimates and rendering the design for clients

Let Renga handle routine and manual tasks like calculating schedules, creating floor plans, elevations and sections with automation so you can focus on higher-value workDownload

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Architects and structural engineers can collaborate on Renga project speeding up the design process; model visualization allows to refine complex structures

Automatic and manual reinforcement coupled with structural analysis software greatly reduce the labour intensity for structural engineers

Working with drawing marks for metal trusses, columns and precast concrete items help users to create the project with the greater level of detailDownload

Dynamically updated schedules automatically reflect changes in drawings, saving lots of time and effort for structural engineers

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Automatic routing for MEP building systems considerably reduces the number of manual operations and the potential for human error

The joint work of engineers on a consolidated MEP model allows to link technical solutions and eliminate collisions

Built-in parametric equipment allows to design all MEP systems of a building: water supply and sewerage, heating, ventilation, as well as power supply and low-current networks.

Axonometric projections and MEP systems layouts are a great option for engineers to display their design solutions in graphic documentationDownload

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Why choose Renga?

We make BIM feasible by developing integrated tools for the
Architecture/Engineering/Construction community. Here are the arguments in favour of Renga:


Benefits for Users

  • Renga is intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Rich toolset helps you develop design solutions quickly and efficiently
  • Create quick and easy 3D models and fill them with all the required data
  • You can download the required elements from the product catalogues on our website
  • Design with various levels of detail (LOD/LOI)
  • Create automatic schedules and drawings in accordance with ISO
  • Integration with structural analysis software and other dedicated BIM software products via IFC4

Technological Advantages

  • We release updates every month and a half
  • Lightweight and up-to-date RNP format
  • We implement state-of-the art technologies (multithreading and multi-core approach, the use of graphics cards and augmented reality glasses)
  • Renga Software is a joint venture of 1C and ASCON: we have access to implementation resources of two big tech companies
  • Open and free API

Economic Benefits

  • We offer the lifetime and the trial licenses
  • Renga license costs are significantly lower than the competition
  • We provide personnel training
  • Affordable upgrade of technical facilities
  • Create and administrate templates of projects and references without much effort
  • Advanced multidisciplinary BIM software will raise your competitive profile

 Social Benefits

  • Attracting young professionals by offering them new technology
  • Easy-to-use software fully translated into English allows to learn and master BIM technology without much effort
  • Product enhancements are largely based on our users’ feedback
  • Our technical support specialists are always ready to help
  • User community on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Elaborate system of window, door and material styles makes you independent of libraries, catalogues and families being complete or not


Automated reinforcement considerably speeds up routine tasks for structural engineers


Automatic route of MEP systems. Axonometric projections automate routine tasks for engineers


Clean and functional interface allows for fast and efficient learning

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