Renga Software

Renga Software, a joint venture of ASCON and 1C, develops software products to design buildings and structures by using Building Information Modeling (BIM).

As the first Russian developer of BIM solutions, Renga Software creates 3D design products with user-friendly features, intuitive interface, and affordable cost. All the documents created in the program comply with the regulatory framework used in Russia.

The company sets an ambitious goal to promote the use of BIM in Russia and CIS countries, so that the design of any civil or industrial construction objects starts with the creation of its information model. At the same time, the labor intensity of the process would not be higher than drafting designs with 2D drawings. 

The products of Renga Software are intended for integrated design: the information model of a construction object created in the Renga system can be used in other stages of its life cycle.



Renga – Renga is a BIM system for the architectural, structural design and MEP engineering of buildings.





Renga Software employs more than 50 highly qualified experts in the area of development, implementation, and promotion of computer-aided design systems.


Evgeny Shuvalov, General Director

Евгений Шувалов

 «By the time that the Renga project began, I had already worked for 17 years in sales and promotion of ASCON software. Then, I got the opportunity to move to the other side of the process by immersing myself in the creation and development of new products. This makes it possible to learn more about the stages of software development, development technologies, and program tools. It turned out that this is an entire world that lives by its own rules and laws. Each new interface button or additional feature is a result of tremendous efforts by teams of analysts, programmers, and testers. This is very exciting! By moving forward step by step together with the colleagues, we are bringing a powerful idea to life: creating and promoting the first Russian BIM system of Renga, a solution that will raise the Russian market of construction design to a new level».

Maxim Nechiporenko, Deputy General Director

Максим Нечипоренко

 «Developing a partner network is an important objective for a young company. I believe that we need both technology and commercial partners. By cultivating relations with software developers, we expand the basic functionality of Renga and get the opportunity to use our system in related areas. The number of Renga implementations or BIM implementations involving Renga depends on the activities of commercial partners. This is why it is extremely important to help them sell and implement the system. Not only do we need to familiarize them with the product features, but also to keep them abreast of developments in the area of information modeling as well as of changes in the legislative and regulatory framework. To do this, I am actively engaged with the representatives of the Ministry of Construction and experts in the BIM community».

Ilya Maz, Technical Director

Илья Маз

 «Creating a CAD system is a complex, but extremely interesting project. Its development and success is entirely dependent on the team. We employ true professionals, and I have no doubt that we will succeed. I value every one of our programmers, analysts, test engineers, technical writers, designers, and technical support staff. The pace of developing the product, its user-friendliness and breadth of its features depend on the efforts of these people».

Maxim Shibanov, Head of Marketing Department

Максим Шибанов

 «Promoting a new product requires an enormous amount of effort, many marketing activities, and continuous communication with potential customers. IT marketing differs from marketing of services by its particular dynamism and, in addition, the marketing of engineering software requires a deep understanding of the subject area. This is why we work at a fast pace by constantly setting new objectives and collaborating with the development department in order to understand the ins and outs of our product».



We are open to collaboration in various areas. We are interested in technology partnerships with software developers. Ledas, a software company, is already involved in the creation of the Renga system. Another technology partner is ITLand. We are also negotiating collaboration agreements with other IT companies.

We highly prioritize the expansion of our sales channels. Our products are sold and implemented by ASCONInfars, and other distributors.




Central Office and Development Center: 7th Vasiliostrovskogo Line of 44, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Phone: +78127031011




ASCON is the largest Russian developer of engineering software and integrator in the area of automation of design and production activities. It is among Top 100 IT companies of Russia. ASCON products implement the achievements of the Russian mathematical school, 25 years of experience in CAD systems and in-depth expertise in design and engineering data management for construction and engineering. Renga Software uses the extensive experience of ASCON to design and promote its products.

1C focuses on the development and distribution of software to automate management and accounting in companies of various industries. 1C engages with its users through an extensive partner network with more than 10,000 permanent partners in 25 countries, including more than 6,700 1C:Franchising companies. Its most popular IT solutions for construction industry include 1C:ERP Construction Organization Management 2 and 1C: Estimates. Renga can be integrated with these products, which makes it possible to use the information model designed in the system throughout the life cycle of the construction object.