Renga Product Roadmap

Renga Product Roadmap

More and more users choose Renga BIM system every day, and we are truly happy to provide you with the new and efficient technologies.

With the number of our users steadily increasing, we are witnessing a growing interest in Renga product roadmap, which until 2021 had been developed and used for internal purposes only. This year we’re sharing Renga roadmap with all of our users.

The result of our work is a public interactive roadmap, where you can not only learn about our plans and the general direction Renga is heading, but also leave your comments and like the most-awaited features.

Please note, that Renga roadmap solely contains statements regarding future plans and development efforts for our products. These statements reflect our current expectations that are entirely based on our opportunities and what we know today. Our plans should not be perceived as promises or guarantees of future delivery of features and functionalities, and purchasing decisions should not be made based upon these statements. We do not plan to update Renga roadmap on a regular basis. However, we will endeavour to update our product roadmap, should the major changes occur.

We are sincerely grateful for your choice of Renga BIM system. Our progress and success have been possible largely because of your support and helpful feedback. You inspire us to develop our product and grow!

Together we make BIM feasible!

View the interactive Renga roadmap