News / Meet the Special Release of Renga Architecture 2.1

St. Petersburg, Russia: October 19, 2015 — ASCON Group, the developer and integrator of high-performance CAD/AEC/PLM software systems, is pleased to announce the 2.1 release of Renga Architecture, the intuitive 3D modeling software for the AEC industry.

The ASCON development team is hard at work every day adding new features to Renga Architecture. And so that's why we decided to not wait for the scheduled third release, but share Renga Architecture 2.1. with our users today.

The main reason for introducing a new update fewer than two months after the last release of Renga Architecture is because we changed the way that trial mode works. After the end of the 60-day trial period, Renga 2.1 now allows you to still open projects, create new ones, and event print drafts; the new limitation is only that files cannot be saved.

New Features in Renga Architecture 2.1

When you select visible 3D objects, Renga Architecture now chooses objects with the help of the frame.

For example, when selecting objects like windows and walls on a facade, the objects that lie behind the wall are ignored. As a result, you will work much faster than in earlier versions of Renga, and even in in other CAD systems.

Hiding walls in 3D view is another new function that you will find useful. With the walls no longer visible, you can work easily on the interior, as well as showing off inner spaces to customers.

Selecting visible objects in 3D view

Following requests from several Renga users, we have made roof parameters more flexible: you can now change parameters while editing roofs. You may recall from the previous versions of Renga that if you wanted to change, for instance, the roof's slope (or inclination), you would have had to change the parameter, and then rebuild the roof. Now it's enough just to select the roof and then edit its parameters.

Changing roof parameters in-place

To make the process of creating and editing of objects easier in 3D, we've added a new Cartesian measuring mode. This new mode lets you measure X and Y distances; before, only distance and angle were available. This makes construction possible in those cases where you can't measure using distance and angle, such as when constructing a wall at an angle unknown to the previous one.

Using X-Y measurement mode

Renga Architecture 2.1 now snaps to the X and Y axes automatically, making work with 3D models more convenient and precise. In addition, we added construction tracking. Now the chances of making mistake are reduced.

Snapping to X and Y axes automatically

And one final feature. After the release of Windows 10 last summer, some users found that some programs no longer worked. The good news is that Renga Architecture works perfectly with the new Windows operating system, and so you can enjoy working with Renga Architecture in Windows 7, 8.x, or 10!

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