Renga Ends Support for Windows 7

Renga Ends Support for Windows 7


Renga Ends Support for Windows 7

Renga Software will cease support of the Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System at the beginning of 2021.

Renga BIM system is currently supported on Windows 7 and Windows 10. But with Microsoft formally ending Windows 7 support in January 2020, Renga Software decided to follow suit. From 2021 system requirements for Renga BIM system will mention only Windows 10.

Current and previous versions of our software will continue to be supported on this operating system. Although we can not guarantee the correct operation of the software. Our technical support specialists will no longer accept requests from users with Windows 7.

 Ilya Maz, chief technology officer at Renga Software: «After Microsoft had ceased support of the Windows 7 Operating System, various device manufacturers (including graphics card manufacturers) begun shutting down all the updates and hot fixes for Windows 7 drivers. All these is critical to the highly-productive and computationally demanding software like Renga BIM system. On top of that, according to our data 88% of Renga licenses are downloaded and installed on Windows 10 computers, and only 7.5% on Windows 7 computers, making development and testing for outdated operating system cost-ineffective. Taking into account all the above, we decided to end the support for Windows 7. We kindly ask our Windows 7 users to upgrade to a newer version of the operating system».

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