Renga BIM System Release Announcement

Renga BIM System Release Announcement


Renga BIM System Release Announcement

A long time ago architects used to play a key role in a building construction. They created drawings and plans of future facilities, supervised project and construction workflows. Architects needed to know structural mechanics, physics, chemistry, geology, etc. The ongoing development has significantly elaborated construction technology. Almost every project team now has specialists like MEP engineers and structural engineers. Such development would seem to have only advantages, but the more people involved in the project, the more errors may appear due to incoherence. IT development and cutting-edge software solutions streamline design workflows and reduce the potential for human error.

The new Renga release is dedicated to improving the collaboration functionality. Our main goal was to make collaboration more convenient and efficient for our users, especially since BIM design is all about project team members working together. The new Renga release improvements address not only collaborative modeling, but also the ability to manage Project Information properties and work with drawings at the same time. Our developers have also extended capabilities for the IFC export.

Collaborate efficiently on your projects

 Collaboration between designers plays a significant role when developing a project. Team workflows become much more productive and efficient when done in real time mode. As you can see, this release delivers an important functionality allowing members of the same project team to manage project data, design building structures and assign properties to objects at the same time. For example, while one of the project team members is customizing windows or doors, others are now able to work with parameters and assign properties all at the same time. As a result, when synchronizing their models, users can get a cumulative result that combines all the designers' efforts.

Collaborating on window style

Same applies to collaborating on layers of the layered materials. Another great update is the ability to collaborate on schedules.

Collaborating on schedules

Additionally, project team members can now configure filters in real time mode. Collaboration is a handy and productive functionality allowing designers to work together on the same filter.

Collaborating on filters

Renga development team implemented the ability to collaborate on properties of drawings, tables, assemblies, and topics. You can create properties, edit their values, delete and rename them in collaboration with your colleagues. In addition to the above, new Renga release allows multiple users to collaborate on project information properties (information on project, site and building). From now on Project information can be synchronized by individual fields which allow multiple designers to work with the same project information at the same time.

Collaborating on project information

We've got more good news for our users: In the latest Renga release, we paid a lot of attention to the IFC4 format and significantly improved IFC4 data export and import. IFC export provides more data now.

You are welcome to download our full trial version of Renga right now and experience all tools and functionality that will lead you to improved project outcomes.


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