News / New v2.3 adds KOMPAS-3D MCAD import, implements design tools to assist architects

St. Petersburg, Russia: April 4, 2016 — ASCON Group, the developer and integrator of high-performance CAD/AEC/PLM software systems, is pleased to announce the newest release of its architectural design system, Renga Architecture v2.3. This release adds color, works with table data, links to KOMPAS-3D, and many more useful functions.

Until now, Renga Architecture displayed graphics exclusively in monochrome, but now it adds two new display modes, wireframe and color. Wireframe mode shows just the model's edges (lines without surfaces). Originally developed for Renga Structure, our upcoming building structures design system, wireframe display mode helps to see insides of buildings, and is especially useful when creating the new objects. The second new display mode, Color, visually differentiates objects. Object colors are set in the model by default.

Wireframe mode

Monochrome mode

Color mode

Tables is the new tool for creating forms, such as specifications, lists, and BOMs (bills of material). Data from spreadsheets can be copied into tables in Renga. After tables are placed in drawings, they can be formatted, such as hiding parts of their content, copying, and reformatting. Tables are the second step towards the full-function Reports tool, which in a later release will generate specifications from 3D model data automatically.

This new release of Renga Architecture imports C3D files from our KOMPAS-3D mechanical CAD design system. This lets architects use in Renga 3D objects with complex forms, such as lifting mechanisms and other equipment created in KOMPAS-3D. Imported objects are shown correctly in views, sections, and plans. Data from the imported elements are incorporated into reports and when exported as CSV (command-separated value) files.

New Drafting and Design Functions

Floors (height marks) can now have multiple views. This new function allows several designers to work on a single project, dividing tasks into sections. When the work is united into the one model, duplicate views overlaid.


The duplication of views visually shows two or more versions of design proposals, allowing architects to create special building functions for multi-use designs.


Renga continues to expand the capabilities of styles, and so styles are now available for columns and beams. Styles allow architects to apply different parametric sections of concrete and metal beams and columns. To create a style, all that is needed is to choose a profile from in the style editor, and then set sizes. Several parametric sections are available immediately -- T, L, triangular, rectangular, and elliptical – and in the future Renga will allow architects to create any shape of profile section for columns and beam; should they need to use more complex profiles right now, they can import them from other CAD systems in IFC 2X3 format.


The new Flip command applies to windows, doors, ladders, walls, and sections. It makes the architect's work easier as it makes changes in seconds, as it works with multiple objects at once. For example, a large number of windows are positioned incorrectly, but the architect no longer needs to rebuild each window individually. Using the Flip command, the architect selects all windows that need changing, and then clicks Flip.


Beams gain another useful property, rotation angle. This means that beams can be rotated about their longitudinal axis to position them in models with slanted portions.

When users want to change model views in drafting mode, they can now select the view they want and simply press Enter to switch 2D view for editing. This quick action makes drawing significantly faster.

We are pleased to add the Polish language pack to Renga, prepared in collaboration with partner Usługi Informatyczne SZANSA Sp. z o.o.. Renga Architecture is now available in three languages, Russian, English, and Polish.


Availability and Pricing

Until the end of 2016, the promotional price for Renga Architecture is 1,599 Euro. Registered users of any version of all competitive 2D/3D CAD programs can receive a discount of up to 50%. Contact our partners or us directly for details.