Renga Architecture Opens API to Third-parties

Renga Architecture Opens API to Third-parties


Renga Architecture Opens API to Third-parties

St. Petersburg, Russia: August 24, 2015 — ASCON Group, the developer and integrator of high-performance CAD/AEC/PLM software systems, is pleased to announce the second release of Renga Architecture, its 3D AEC CAD software platform. Newly added is the awaited API, along with building foundations, textures and renderings, and several other enhancements. This first update to Renga Architecture fulfills requests from many users.

The key milestone in the development of Renga Architecture is opening up its API (applications programming interface) to third-party developers. From now on individuals with some programming knowledge and professional software developers can create add-on applications for Renga Architecture.

New Rendering, Lighting, and Textures

One of the first wishlist items from users of Renga Architecture was for photorealistic visualization. Their wishes have been granted through the new Artisan Rendering module. A command in Renga Architecture synchronizes the model with Artisan Rendering, where users can apply textures, add lightning, and generate renderings of their 3D models.

The new rendering module at the same time is an example of how Renga Architecture's API quickly fulfills new feature requests from customers.

New Foundations and Improved Roofs

The set of building elements and structures created in Renga Architecture is supplemented now by freestanding and strip foundations. Users can now work on building projects at the “0” level.

Architects face tedious tasks when they design variations of roofs. One of the unique aspects of Renga Architecture is its new ability to construct roofs using similarity. In addition, they can now add openings for chimneys and ventilation ducts. Roof segments are created more quickly in the new release through indicators on existing walls and other objects.

ASCON Group is already working on more building elements for future releases of Renga Architecture. For the second half of 2016, the first module will be added: the new Renga Structure will contain all functions needed to design steel structures.

Additional Enhancements

In addition to the new features described above, the update to Renga Architecture offers users the following enhancements:

  • Editing reflections of objects' current level
  • Setting negative elevations relative to objects
  • Showing and hiding individual and groups of objects
  • Displaying properties of IFC objects
  • Importing materials from IFC objects

Upgrade Available Now

For users who have already purchased Renga Architecture, this new release is free. All customers receive all updates free in the first year following a license purchase.

Until the end of 2016, the promotional price for Renga Architecture is 1,599 Euro. Registered users of any version of all competitive 2D/3D CAD programs can receive a discount of up to 50%. Contact for details.

Want to try Renga Architecture? You can learn more about the system by creating your own 3D conceptual drawings in our 60-day free trial version. Download the Renga Architecture demo from and then tell us what you think!

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