News / Renga Architecture Integrates with ABC-4 Cost Estimating Software System.

Due to latest configuration update of ABC-Recompositor programme module, designers working with Renga Architecture BIM system now would be able to share building information model with ABC-4 system users in order to prepare the estimates.

ABC- Recompositor — is ABC-N solution designed for automatic data generation from BIM systems that can be transformed into cost estimate afterwards.

The latest ABC- Recompositorconfiguration has an implemented integration with first Russian BIM system Renga Architecture.

Previously, cost-engineers couldn't estimate the project till they have all documents ready. Now estimators can participate at the early modeling stage.

Estimator links each model item with cost information. Once it's done, all the data exports to ABC- Recompositor for further calculations, and after that to ABC-4 system where cost estimating process begins.

The estimators' work thus gets a lot easier. No need to go into draft details and ask designers for more information, because 3D model already contains necessary object data. Besides, there's no need to wait for designer to finish his project, estimating and 3D modeling can be done alongside.

Ilya Maz, Renga Software chief technology officer: 

“ABC-N asked us to develop Renga to ABC-4 integration that would enable automatic model-based estimating. Together we listed necessary features for Renga to calculate (quantity, space, length, volume etc). And after we've build an API, our colleges from ABC-N installed an expansion module for Renga Architecture. Using Renga in conjunction with ABC-4 leads to faster, more accurate cost estimates and updates, saves time and reduce the potential for human error. We're glad to work with one of the market leaders in estimating software development.”