KS-Development Company: Information Modeling Technology for Efficient Design

KS-Development Company: Information Modeling Technology for Efficient Design


KS-Development Company: Information Modeling Technology for Efficient Design

KS-Development is a design company based in Rostov-on-Don engaging in the design of apartment buildings, kindergartens, schools, medical, sport, cultural, industrial and agricultural facilities from Crimea to Sakhalin Island. All projects are very complex and challenging.

KS-Development Company has long taken a course towards digitalization and BIM, and made this its strong advantage, using ASCON and Renga Software solutions. Implementing cutting-edge technologies has helped the company to win on tender sites and successfully complete large and complex projects on time with a small team of only 35 designers. The transition to BIM technology has become a strategic task for the company - because it has significantly improved the quality of projects and minimized chances for human error.

ris_93.png  Multi-apartment residential building in Perm city at the design and construction stages

The company has always considered a domestically developed software solution as a stable and reliable tool. When KS-Development was deciding which BIM system to choose, the company created a chart that reflected advantages and disadvantages of software solutions available for purchase, based on the testing results. As a result of thorough research, the company designers chose Renga BIM system. In order to provide collaboration workflows for teams company implemented Pilot-ICE Enterprise.

Nowadays Renga helps to implement full BIM cycle right from the design stage: users can easily produce drawings and schedules, fill the objects with attribute data, and generate consistent and coordinated model-based building designs. Using Renga, KS-Development specialists thoroughly detail architectural and structural concepts, heating, water supply, sewage, ventilation and smoke ventilation systems. KS-Development designers also found the collaboration tool to be extremely helpful - a unique functionality that was developed by Renga Software with grant support from Russian Information Technology Development Foundation.

 foto_24.png“The fact that KS-Development carries out complex and challenging projects in Renga means a lot to us. When we, BIM system developers, look at the resulting models of such buildings, we realize that our work is important and valuable. Analyzing the company’s feedback, we would like to draw attention to the fact that Renga BIM system is intended for designing buildings and everything that is inside. If you need to develop a master plan, we recommend doing it in specialized systems, for example, in CREDO software. We, of course, understand users' desire to work with land and external utility networks in one program. But it is very difficult to implement this in one system.

After all, there's much more to it than just to form a toposurface. Creating general plan is a very performance-intensive task. But we are considering such requests. In my opinion, the experience that KS-Development acquired while working in Renga is invaluable. We are so happy that they are open and ready to share their knowledge with other construction and investment market players, for which we are very grateful,” comments Maxim Shibanov, director of marketing at Renga Software.

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