Convenience and Efficiency of Renga Collaboration

Convenience and Efficiency of Renga Collaboration


Convenience and Efficiency of Renga Collaboration

What do you think is the most important thing for architects, designers and engineers? Comfortable workplace, friendly colleagues, grateful customers, efficient equipment, state-of-the-art software. Everyone has their own list, from our end we'd like to add collaboration. You have to agree how essential it is for project stakeholders to be able to work together, get and exchange relevant data in real time mode. This functionality considerably reduces the chance for discrepancies, validating the accuracy and consistency of the model. It is a win-win situation for both customers and project stakeholders.

The new Renga release is dedicated to improving the collaboration functionality.

Collaboration is a key to efficient modeling

Our development team implemented some new and productive collaboration features that allow all project team members to make changes to the project without fear of losing crucial information, and work with relevant data.

First, our users now can collaborate on rebars. For example, they can create new rebar grades, edit their names and rupture resistance parameters.

Second, new Renga release comes with the ability to quickly generate drawings, add new data to tag parameters and assign the required shape to tags at the same time.
Our third update allows several users to collaborate on the order and composition of the schedule and legend style columns at the same time. Specialists of all construction disciplines will find this functionality very handy.

We constantly capture our users’ feedback

Ability to maintain the component locations during and between application sessions was one of the most requested features after our development team had implemented sections and grouping to the Project Explorer.

We also updated Workshop demo project. It comes with the Renga distribution package.

 And of course we keep on improving our API: the latest Renga release provides our users with the ability to get the layout style and topic of drawings.

You are welcome to download our full trial version of Renga right now and experience all tools and functionality that will lead you to improved project outcomes.



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