News / ASCON Group invites Participate in the First Renga Master Design Contest

Russian software developer ASCON Group is pleased to invite students, new and experienced architects, and other professionals to participate in our very first Renga Master Design architectural contest.

Renga Architecture is a new software program for designing architecture and construction in 3D. The system’s approach integrates object-oriented design with freeform simulation techniques. Having discovered your design vocation, you may now be searching for tools to further grow your professional capabilities. Equip yourself with our beautiful Renga Architecture design software.

Whether you are an accomplished master 3D designer or someone taking the first steps towards the peak of design perfection, get ready to challenge yourself with our 3D design contest! Choose a contest category that applies to you, design and submit a project, and then gain exposure for your talents - and the opportunity to win great prizes!

The contest is open to design submissions until June 3, 2016.

Contest Categories

Choose a category that best fits your entry:

  • Exact Copy: use Renga Architecture to reproduce a 3D model of an existing architectural object.
  • One and Only: designs submitted for this category must be uniquely yours, and so cannot reproduce existing buildings or structures anywhere in the world.
  • Best Student Work: unique and one-of-a-kind designs from those taking their initial steps into the world of design.
  • Audience Applause: all designs submitted to the contest are included in this category, which is judged by your peers.

Designs submitted to the contest will be assessed by architecture teachers and recognized design software experts. Contest results will be announced in the middle of February at and

For more information about the contest categories and conditions, see Renga Master Contest.