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For Architects

Architects are creators who dream about and then design buildings that fit the cityscape.

To do this, they need the freedom to implement all their ideas inventively. Renga Architecture assists them in combining freeform modeling with an objective presentation of construction materials. This makes it possible to plan a building's architectural look, finalize its outward appearance, and make it practical, safe, and convenient for people to live and work in.

Models created in Renga Architecture execute the architect's concept with maximum precision, and so is equally intelligible to both the engineer and the constructor. Our system is easy to use, and its soothing interface enables long-term work on projects without straining eyes.


A full-featured 60-day trial version of Renga Architecture helps you appreciate all its advantages in practice.


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For Managers

The primary task of Renga Architecture is to provide most amount of assistance to designers in solving their production tasks: creating the object's appearance, attaching information to the model, and generating quick layout of drawings according to international standards.

This initial release of Renga Architecture supports two languages, English and Russian. This makes it possible to coordinate and cooperate with international customers effortlessly, and issue drawings accordingly. The system contains modern data exchange formats for transferring graphical and non-graphical information to fellow designers.


By equipping your specialists with our solution, you have the assurance of saving your budget through purchasing and supporting this system. Following installation, you are protected against unexpected additional expenses, such as reference databases or libraries of construction elements.


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For IT Specialists

You save time and money implementing the Renga Architecture 3D CAD system.

Time is saved when the system does not call for extra adaptation to company standards, development of dedicated libraries or databases, or even forms for output documents.

Money is saved when the system does not need very high-performance hardware, and no hardware upgrades are required. There is no need for corporate specialists to remotely or locally install the software.

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For Educators

Students majoring in architecture and design, as well as professors of architecture and construction, are entitled to the full-featured Renga Architecture software for one year at no charge, with the option of annual updates.

Universities with faculties of architecture and engineering may install the Academic version of Renga Architecture in IT server rooms at no charge.

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